Massage Creep Lexi Belle

Lexi Belle is just beautiful, isn’t she! She called me the massage creep over for a deep tissue massage because her back and thighs were killing her. I was excited to get to touch her sweet body all over. I told her to undress and to close her eyes while i work on every part of her body. While i was massaging and exploring every inch of her perfect body, i noticed she quietly moaned while my hands were moving around her tits and pussy, so i got bold and took out my cock and gently slipped it in her pussy. Get inside Porn Pros for the full movie.

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She was bending over pushing her ass in the air, this was just perfect to slip it all the way in. She was a bit stratled at first but after the first couple of strokes she got really into it. She turned on her side and told me to go faster and harder. Then she opened her legs wide grabbed my ass and pushed me all the way into her, while i was playing with her tits. After some deep pornpros dicking i came all over her face finishing the massagecreep action with a nice warm facial.

18 years old Lexi Belle

You know how 18 years old chicks are right, always low on cash and then they always want something new and want it right now but they don’t want to work for it, they are just waiting for it to fall from the sky. Well i have to tell you the whole story, my young friend Lexi Belle wanted to get herself her first car, you know how it is when you are young and need to have some car in a big city well she wanted it bad but she need like 2k$.

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Lexi Belle is the real example of such a sluts, she will do literally everything to satisfy a guy, and to get satisfied herself. She started sucking and licking Michaels hard cock before he thruated his big prick deep inside her shaved snatch, and when he was about to cum, she just stopped moving, she wanted to torture him, the dude begged this hot 18 year old girl to let him cum but she didn’t want to do it, what a tease. But in the end he could comvince her to finish the job - PornPros style

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