Pimp Parade Kapri Styles

This is a classic Pimp Parade Episode where our female pimp, Kapri Styles was just so umch more beautiful than the bitches she brought in. She wanted to show us the strength of her bunch of sluts but after alot of drinking, strippin, and booty shaking, we knew that Styles was too hot to let her go without some hardcore action.

Pimp ParadeKapri StylesMore Pimping Pictures Here!

More Pimping Pictures Here!

She is a fucking goddess, shes tall, slim but god damn her booty is just ridiculous juicy. Big ass on a slim waist, the ultimate Pimp Parade dream. she backs that nice booty up into the cock like a pro in reverse. I am still dreaming of her black butt sliding on that fat cock.

Pimp Parade Jamaican Bitches

I dont know what its all about but when you put these black bitches together in one room, they all want to touch each others body and go down on each other. Our Pimp Parade master, Jonathan brought a bunch of chicks who are looking for work and cash. One ho tho i was particularly interested in was Kapri. She’s got that innocent girlfriend kind of a look and thats right down my ally.

Pimp ParadeJamaican BitchesDownload the Full Pimp Parade Episode Here!

Download the Full Pimp Parade Episode Here!

Thats cause i feel like thats the kind of girl you can actually pick up and screw in real life. She’s a little cutie and has some great firm natural breasts. Once we got her in the movie with a white cock she just couldnt stop lickin those white balls and deep throat the whole cock balls deep. We really got a great cumshot on her cute face with this babe. Pinned her down so she couldnt move an inch, thats straight up Pimp Parade Style.

Pimp Parade Black Bitches

We at Pimp Parade lucked out big time because we had these four big ass black bitches coming into the pimp office looking for a strong man on their side because their last pimp dissapeared on them. I don’t know if the fucker went to jail or left the city. So I went ahead and put them under PIMP PROTECTION. These ebony chicks are pretty and each one had a fine ass on them. I’m talking about a first class booty, no scars, ugly marks, or anything on their moneymakers.

Pimp ParadeBlack BitchesWatch More Pimp Parade Movies

Watch More Pimp Parade Movies

There was an orienatal bitch who had been hanging around a pimp for a while wanting to get on bord the Pimp Parade so I brought her in the screening room with the rest of the girls. We decided to pick this black hoe named Kate out of the bunch for a hardcore test shoot. Shes a bit slim for my taste but got some monster curves and a delicious ass. We got some great footage of that black snatch and chocolate hole.