Shady PI Elizabeth

Sometimes when i get a new case i know right away if the girl is cheating or not. This case was one of those and this little cunt of a bored housewife was going to be a problem. I don’t like to judge a person by their looks but this bitch smelled of a dirty whore. I’ve been doing this for quiet some time now and can spot a Shady PI cheater from a mile away.

Shady PIElizabethDownload Full Shady PI Episodes Here!

Download Full Shady PI Episodes Here!

Aside from the fact that this chick has a nice home provided by her hard working husband, she has another cock banging the shit out of her with no regrets on her stupid face at all, just big hairy balls on her chin. Manipulative dumb whores like this make me sick to my stomach. I don’t feel any remorse taping these soon to be miserable and divorced pile of trash sluts and show them at Shady PI. It might just be the only way those chicks learn not to spread their pussy around town.

Shady PI Amy

This was a VERY mysterious case, at least one of the weirdest i had to work on in a while now. I followed a young wife with big titties who dressed up and acted like a fucking filthy slut. Turns out she was a Shady PI cheating slut.

Shady PIAmyWatch More Cheating Wives Caught in the Act

Watch More Cheating Wives Caught in the Act

She was hired by a really creepy dude to let him watch while another guy is fucking her. After following this slut around for a while I had a feeling where to set up my hidden cams to catch this pile of lying shit in the act. As great as this fucking cum slut’s breasts are, she pisses me off watching these fucking creeps go at it in a filthy motel room.

Shady PI Natasha

I was almost deceived by this case. Shady PI was asked to follow a husbands young wife because he suspected that she was fucking around on him while he was out working. The little slut is only twenty so immediately I knew she is stupid enough to fool around. When I followed her for a couple of weeks I noticed she was hanging out with a married couple who at first I thought were her parents. Turns out I was wrong and this back stabbing little slut wife was actually fucking this oldercouple that were old enough to be her parents. Shady PI set up cameras in her apartment and when i checked the tapes, I had never seen the shit this bitch was doing with these two old fucks.

Watch More Cheating Wives Caught in the Act

Shady PI Ashley

I just keep thinking back to the girl who screwed me over, everytime I see these cheap whores. I always think back to the night I caught my rotten ex screwing another asshole in my own fucking home.Similar case to mine, this dirty slut has the nerve to cheat on her man in their own four walls that he fucking paid for… constantly. Well the Shady PI will get back at you soon enough.

Shady PIAshleyDownload Full Shady PI Episodes Here!

Download Full Shady PI Episodes Here!

She has a new dick that has her by the fucking breasts, dragging her around town and boning her every chance they get. Shady PI was hard to follow them around so I had to set up security cameras in his house to catch them fucking each other.When I checked the recordings, I found myself enjoying watching this dirty slut fucking. She does have a great butt after all but it is obvious how much of a slut she is when she dresses like that.

Shady PI Gloria

Shady PI Its always a problem with these young chicks going around screwing anything with a dick. Problem is, these cheating sluts are hurting on their man. I’m tired of catching these cheaters in the act fucking around like they are giving away candy.

Shady PIGloriaWatch More Cheating Wives Caught in the Act

Watch More Cheating Wives Caught in the Act

Take for example this whore. My Shady PI followed Gloria only to find out she is shagging a man she just met earlier that day. The husband that contracted me told me all about her free sex thinking crap and was worried he was getting the shit end of the deal. Turns out he was spot on and his little angel had been fucking a new guy almost every single week. I had the chance to setup hidden cameras in her house and capture them right in the act.

Shady PI Tiffany

Tiffany is a strong, beautiful and independent woman - she has a strong mid, makes her own money and is used in getting it her way. Although the “pay her own way” part seemed like a good deal for my new client, the fact that she is a cheating wife quickly soured the whole proposition. Let it be a lesson, strong girls aren’t known to hang around the house, clean and cook all ay long.

Shady PITiffanySee more Wives caught Cheating

See more Wives caught Cheating

They won’t hang around your cock for all their lives either. They want players with big balls and deep pockets and when my client fell off his game in the stock market, his cheating wife went out to find a bigger dick. And sure as hell she did. I didnt take me longer than a weekend to catch his wife cheating.

Shady PI Karen

Shady P.I. Episode II: My client told me that he was told by his friends that his precious little wife has some kind of reputation in his circle of friends. She keeps on screwing all his buddys. Turns out she has a well-documented history of shagging up with every cock around. She’s the kind of bitch, rumor went, that needed LOTSA hard cocks and frequently. This moron actually came to me to prove everybody wrong, i got the impression that this poor fucker is still madly in love with his cheating wife. I don’t know if he thought he had the magic dick that keeps women on their knees in worship, but he was convinced that Karen would never fuck around with strange man. He even gave her the keys to his apartement.

Shady PIKarenDownload Full Shady PI Episodes Here!

Download Full Shady PI Episodes Here!

So me and Shady PI license went to his place and wired it with cameras and microphones. Then i just sat outside waiting for the bitch to bring some random dude. And of course i was not dissapointed. Within the next 8 hours this skank brought 2 guys in my clients home and fucked them in every room. Check out the cheating wifes movies in the members area.

Shady PI Leslie

Shady Private Investigator Episode I: When Leslies hubby called me, he was like all the other morons out there. He was suspicious about his wife, but couldnt believe that his wife was actually cheating on him. Even with all the tell-tale signs his wife was giving him, he couldnt get the big picture, or maybe he just did not want to see it. I trailed the bitch for a couple of days and got some good pictures of her walking around. Eventually she hooked up with her boytoy. They walked in the park, holding hands and flirting.

Shady PILeslieWatch More Cheating Wives Caught in the Act

Watch More Cheating Wives Caught in the Act

When I showed the pictures to my client, he got so fucking angry. I wired the bedroom with my hidden cameras but did not get a good shot. These horny fuckers like to do it in the bathroom. I went in the apartement again and rewired my whole setup. Leslie invited her friend over, and they fucked all over the place. When the client saw the footage he was devastated but happy to get this cheating whore out of his life, and thanks to my Shady PI footage without paying a fucking dime.