Shady PI Elizabeth

Sometimes when i get a new case i know right away if the girl is cheating or not. This case was one of those and this little cunt of a bored housewife was going to be a problem. I don’t like to judge a person by their looks but this bitch smelled of a dirty whore. I’ve been doing this for quiet some time now and can spot a Shady PI cheater from a mile away.

Shady PIElizabethDownload Full Shady PI Episodes Here!

Download Full Shady PI Episodes Here!

Aside from the fact that this chick has a nice home provided by her hard working husband, she has another cock banging the shit out of her with no regrets on her stupid face at all, just big hairy balls on her chin. Manipulative dumb whores like this make me sick to my stomach. I don’t feel any remorse taping these soon to be miserable and divorced pile of trash sluts and show them at Shady PI. It might just be the only way those chicks learn not to spread their pussy around town.

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