Shady PI Leslie

Shady Private Investigator Episode I: When Leslies hubby called me, he was like all the other morons out there. He was suspicious about his wife, but couldnt believe that his wife was actually cheating on him. Even with all the tell-tale signs his wife was giving him, he couldnt get the big picture, or maybe he just did not want to see it. I trailed the bitch for a couple of days and got some good pictures of her walking around. Eventually she hooked up with her boytoy. They walked in the park, holding hands and flirting.

Shady PILeslieWatch More Cheating Wives Caught in the Act

Watch More Cheating Wives Caught in the Act

When I showed the pictures to my client, he got so fucking angry. I wired the bedroom with my hidden cameras but did not get a good shot. These horny fuckers like to do it in the bathroom. I went in the apartement again and rewired my whole setup. Leslie invited her friend over, and they fucked all over the place. When the client saw the footage he was devastated but happy to get this cheating whore out of his life, and thanks to my Shady PI footage without paying a fucking dime.

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