Shady PI Tiffany

Tiffany is a strong, beautiful and independent woman - she has a strong mid, makes her own money and is used in getting it her way. Although the “pay her own way” part seemed like a good deal for my new client, the fact that she is a cheating wife quickly soured the whole proposition. Let it be a lesson, strong girls aren’t known to hang around the house, clean and cook all ay long.

Shady PITiffanySee more Wives caught Cheating

See more Wives caught Cheating

They won’t hang around your cock for all their lives either. They want players with big balls and deep pockets and when my client fell off his game in the stock market, his cheating wife went out to find a bigger dick. And sure as hell she did. I didnt take me longer than a weekend to catch his wife cheating.

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